Do a run round the Buchwiese Lodge in winter

Lodge: the entrance side

Lodge: terrace

Jumping with a snowboard

Lodge: gable-end with balcony, in the background the main house

Entrance to the lodge

In that year we had really a lot of snow.

View across the meadow "Buchwiese" und the lodge

The Buchwiese ("beech meadow") is located at a hillside with different declines.

Our children have built a jump and are exercising the first big leaps.

In the same way your children can do here skiing, snowboarding or tobogganing.

The big advantage: you have your children within the range of vision.
Then when they are soaked or chilled through, you can get them in house in short time.

View of the balcony

It's an older photo, the spruces near the house are cut down.

In the background you can see the residential house.

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